If you have any unwanted or damager gold or if you simply need some extra cash and are therefore considering selling your gold, we have prepared a list of few places where they gladly buy it from you.

You can find the list of these Auckland based companies buying gold at the bottom of this post. However, before you proceed, please spend an extra minute and read first some of our advice.

This list is not complete, it contains only a handful of the most known companies or those that have an online presence (own website). There are dozen or maybe hundreds of other places where you can sell your unwanted gold.

Most obvious are pawnshops and second hand dealers who are often trading with used gold items as well. Last, but not least category of shops buying gold are some jewelry shops.

There is one more type of company which is well known, is widely seen, has an online presence but we have decided not to list it here. It is a company that you can find in almost every bigger shopping center with their kiosks stacked with fake $50 notes all over the place.

We are not mentioning them here because as some media reports have shown, they offer the worst price for your gold, sometimes as low as 40% of the gold content value as traded on open markets.

In our list of companies we provide their basic details, like name, address, phone number, website and different ways how you can sell your gold to them. There are basically two ways – one, the traditional one, is to visit the place, present your gold, get appraisal, accept (or decline) it and finally complete the transaction.

The second option is sending your gold by courier and getting back your payment by cheque or direct deposit to your bank account.

Warning! Sending your gold to the gold buyer by post is a bit controversial. We heard reports that this may even be in violation of New Zealand Secondhand Dealers and Pawnshops Act. Normally, when selling valuables like gold, it is required to present your ID.

With selling gold by post there is no way of telling who is the gold buyer dealing with, theoretically the gold can be stolen.  Allegedly even NZ Police was at one point trying to prevent this kind of trading.

There is another problem with sending the gold by post. Most companies who do it say that the parcel is insured up to $1,500. That’s nice but consider this: The gold chain is pretty small sometimes.

If you don’t close the package properly or adequately secure it inside, the chain may easily slip out. Or if someone from the Post or Courier company opens the pack, takes the gold and closes the pack, how will you prove that pack’s content got missing?

The Post office may say that the gold was never there. Or they may even say that they don’t cover gold under normal circumstances (I am sure there is some small print clause in their Terms and Conditions which they can use). So, it’s really up to you, but sending gold via post is really not recommended.

List of Gold Buyers in Auckland

CompanyWebsiteWays how to sell your gold
Gold Smart

300 St Johns Road, Saint Johns, Auckland

Ph: 0800 465 376

- in person in their office
- they send free return courier pack
- you send your own pack and get $10 postage back from them
- can request their own pick-up service (upon company’s discretion)
We Buy Any Gold

Note: physical address not provided on their website

Ph: 0508 269 465
www.webuyanygold.co.nz- they send free return courier pack
- for more details fill out their online form or give them a phone call
The Gold Man

2H Canterbury Arcade
166 - 174 Queen St
Auckland 1010

Ph: 0800 653 4653
www.thegoldman.co.nz- they send free return courier pack
- you send your own pack, but need to cover postage and insurance
- for more details fill out their online form or give them a phone call
Easyca$h Gold Buyers
Licensed Pawnbrokers

30B Jellicoe Road
Auckland East

Ph: 09 570 1511
www.ezygoldbuyers.co.nz- in person in their store

Head Office
87 Victoria Street
Opposite the Skytower

Ph: 09 309 6903

Stores in: Henderson, Otahuhu, Otara, Birkenhead, Avondale, Manurewa, Central Auckland
www.dollardealers.co.nz- in person in their store

224 Kepa Road
Mission Bay
Auckland 1071

Ph: 09 578 0061
www.goldwise.co.nz- in person in their office
- they send free return courier pack
- in some cases they may offer to visit you

Have you got your own experience with companies buying gold? If you would like to share your advice or recommendations then we will love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below.

Posted on: September 13, 2017
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  1. Hi, I’m desperatly seeking jewellery stolen from my home in Takapuna last week – among the many items were a couple of obvious ones – a large emerald cut blue topaz ring with a thin rose gold band that has two little flowers on the setting. also a large “cheezel” shaped ladies gold ring. any information would be greatly appreciated, thankyou

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