If you are right now deciding whether or not to join KiwiSaver or if you are trying to choose which KiwiSaver fund is the best for you then read on first!

Before making your final decision, you may want to examine few articles about KiwiSaver that we recently published on our website.

There are few apparent irresistible KiwiSaver benefits presented by the government and extensively advertised by many KiwiSaver providers and all sorts of financial and investment advisors.

However, before you decide to join KiwiSaver, please be aware of the many pitfalls, dangers and risks that come attached to it.  For your convenience not having to scroll through our website and looking for these articles about KiwiSaver, here is their complete list:

Kiwisaver Benefits – What Are Ethical Issues of Kiwisaver Benefits

KiwiSaver Opt Out Process – How to Withdraw from KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver Performance Exposed – KiwiSaver vs. Other Investments Returns

KiwiSaver – Facts & Myths about KiwiSaver Risks & Benefits

If you made it up to this point then accept our congratulations! Your time spent familiarising yourself and learning as much as possible about the KiwiSaver now, can save you thousands of dollars, disappointment, financial security and emotional wellbeing later.

Our articles may present different kinds of information and views on KiwiSaver compared to what you can hear from the most mainstream media today. But we feel that it is very important to present also the other, in our opinion dark side of KiwiSaver.

We hope that you will benefit from the knowledge and views described in our articles.

Posted on: September 13, 2013
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