Many people having hard times deciding which payday loan company or provider they should choose. These days there is a huge number of companies providing all sorts of payday loan, cash advance and bad credit loan in New Zealand.

The main purpose of this article isn’t naming them all, just give you an idea about few (those who show up on the first few pages on Google when searching for “payday loans”).

In the table below you can check what are their basic loans parameters. For example how much fees they charge for the loan establishment or what their interest rates are.

List with few examples of companies providing payday loans in New Zealand.


Daily interest rate

first loan – next

Est. Fee

1st – next

Other fees




Payday Advance Ltd

2.14% – 1.71%*

$30 – $20


Level 16, 45 Queen Street


Payday Loan

1.65% – 1.38%*

$25 – $15


P.O.Box 18162, Glen Innes

Auckland Ltd

1.60% – 1.20%

$30 – $20


L1 Suite 5, 507 Lake Rd, Takapuna


Save My Bacon Ltd

1.50% – 1.50%

$15 – $15


12a St Albans St, St Albans



0.00% – 0.00%

$0 – $0


P.O.Box 2095, Johnsonville

Wellington Ltd

1.43% – 1.43%

$20 – $0


P.O. Box 979


Bad Credit Loan

0.00% – 0.00%

$40 – $40


P.o.Box 18162, Glen Innes


Cash Relief

1.70% – 1.42%*

$30 – $30


P.O. Box 42229, Orakei





$7 DD, $10 Admin

Level 4, 369 Queen Street


* reduced rate applies also to new customers who agree to a credit check or to preferred customers

As mentioned, there are many more payday loan, cash advance and bad credit loans companies out there in New Zealand. If you would like to add some more to our list, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy list them as well.

Please note that we do not get any commission or reward from listing these companies on our website. We use them only as examples to highlight main differences between them in terms of interest rates and fees they charge for their payday loans.

Posted on: September 13, 2013
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  1. Hi There, since this article was written there is another provider of Payday Loans – and they seem to be offering good rates on loans between $100 and $500.

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